Bobby Goldsboro

 Entertainer and composer, Bobby Goldsboro has performed before two billion people in his illustrious career. " The Bobby Goldsboro Show" was television's highest rated syndicated variety show in the seventies. His recordings of " Watching Scotty Grow ", "Little green Apples " and " With Pen in Hand " have become classics and his signature hit, " Honey " was the largest selling record in the world in 1968!

 Now, the muti-talented Goldsboro is focusing on a life long passion; oil painting. The self taught artist's diverse portfolio includes wildlife, the American West, still lifes, humming birds, bold colorful flowers and even abstracts. His paintings are now found in major galleries and museums around the United States. His composition and use of color have quickly gained Goldsboro a reputation as a world class artist.

 Bobby Goldsboro's music has always stirred the emotions. Now, his paintings are doing the same.