Hib Sabin

New Mexico sculptor, Hib Sabin creates masks, spirit sticks, amulets, spirit bowls, and boats, often incorporating creatures such as- wolves, owls, ravens, bears, coyotes, and eagles. The pieces are finished in watercolor and acrylic and then steel wool and sandpaper are incorporated to create an aged quality. Juniper and pinon woods are used most often as they are both native to New Mexico. He is inspired by Shamanic practices from tribal cultures around the world. The sculptor has traveled across the world studying traditions and cultures, including those of the curanderos in Mexico and tribes in India. Hib is inspired by Inuit sculptures, Mexican folk art and the mythological cultures of Native Americans. Hib carves animals and instills them with an energy that captivates the viewer. Many of the pieces he carves are custom made, honoring specific totem animals requested by patrons. He is particularly interested in the symbolism of bears, wolves, ravens and owls, and they appear in many of his works.