Jim Bortz


Born perhaps 50 years too late, Bortz has cut a rugged trail in his painting career. With the soul and spirit of a self-sufficient outdoorsman, Jim's hard-won experience introduces a level of authenticity to his work not often found in the contemporary wildlife art world. The viewer is immersed in the adventure of exploring the wild places of North America and interactions with the magnificent creatures that live there. The believability of Jim's paintings is built squarely on a foundation of solid draftsmanship... a skill developed through decades of sketchbook drawing. This skill translates to a pleasingly recognizable level of accuracy in a bold impressionistic painting style. An avid fly fisherman, Jim is quickly becoming known as one of the country’s  top trout artists. He has also had multiple pieces juried into the prestigious Birds In Art exhibit at the Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin and is included in their permanent collection.

 Jim Bortz Bio