Ulrich Gleiter

Ulrich Gleiter is a citizen of the world. Born in Saarbrücken, Germany, he pursued his undergraduate studies at Dresden’s Academy of Fine Arts, where he learned to paint with the bold, colorful strokes handed down from the early 20th-century German expressionists. Students there prioritized their individuality — no one but you could have made this picture, they were told. Gleiter then absorbed a different view of artistry during his exchange year at Moscow’s Surikov Institute, followed by six more years at the Repin Institute in St. Petersburg.


Today Gleiter divides time between Germany, Russia, and the United States, where he has become much admired among plein-airists.


In our era of diplomatic tensions, when Crimea and Russia appear regularly in the headlines, Gleiter feels a renewed appreciation for nature’s timelessness — for its inspiring capacity to rise above the ins-and-outs of man-made problems. Today, he says, “I often think about the history of an area where I am painting, about how many troubles and beautiful things may have happened there. Most importantly, I am humbled to observe how natural forces never stop moving.” Gleiter turns his searching eye not only to wilderness, but also to the banalities of urban life — to parked cars, the glinting sprawl of an automobile dealer’s lot, retail stores, and even cargo ships. There, too — as in his portraits, nudes, and still lifes — he manages to find abstracted beauty and emotional significance in the interactions of light, color, and air.


( by Peter Trippi, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, 01/2017)


Education: Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia; Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany.


Awards & Honors: 2010, 2013 - Certificate of Commendation, Russian Academy of Art, Moscow; 2010, 2011 - Best of Show and Award of Excellence, Plein Air Rockies, CO; 2010 Best of Show, Wyoming Plein Air Competition; 2010 Best of Show, Frank-Bette-Paintout, Alameda, CA; 2013 Judge of awards, Plein Air Rockies, CO; 2012-2016 Panelist at the Plein Air Convention


Publications: Plein Air Magazine; Southwest Art Magazine; Streamline Art Video (DVD); Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine; American Art Collector Magazine; Press of the Russian Academy of Art; Monacelli Studio Press


Solo & Two-Person Exhibitions: 2012, 2014, 2017 LEO.COPPI, Berlin; 2015, 2017 Gallery 1261, Denver, CO; 2017 Russian Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Group Exhibitions:  Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Russia; Munich, Berlin, Germany; 2012-2018 Coors Western Art Exhibit, Denver, CO


Art Fairs:  2015-2017 ArtKARLSRUHE art fair, with Gallery LEO.COPPI; 2015 Art.Fair, Cologne, with Gallery LEO.COPPI.