December 19th, 2017

The Nelson Museum of the West

Did you know Bob Nelson, the owner of Manitou Galleries, is also the Founder and CEO of the Nelson Museum of the West?  


Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the Nelson Museum of the West is home to more than 14,000 Western, Native American and American Military artifacts.  The museum features more than 11,000 square feet of rotating and permanent exhibits that tell the story of the American West, from early human settlement to today - as history continues to unfold.  




Permanent displays include the United States Cavalry, the studio of artist Burt Procter, a 19th century Wyoming Cattle Baron's room, Fine and Fancy Firearms, high art of the Plains Indians, trophy animals of the world, Historical Firearms, and many more. The Museum presents new rotating displays on an annual basis.


A very important subdivision of the Nelson Museum of the West is the Military Memorial Museum, located in the same facility.  The Military Memorial Museum pays tribute to the contributions and sacrifices made by our soldiers for our country, and provides an important record of the American Military.  The collection began with the goal of acquiring uniforms, saddles, firearms and sabers depicting all of the enlisted and officers of the U.S. Cavalry from the Civil War to 1943 when the horse Cavalry was disbanded.  The Museum has met the goal and expanded the collection far beyond the Cavalry.  The collection is now inclusive of other branches of service in the Army including artillery, infantry, medical and Army Air Corps. Special collections of 1902 and 1938 Dress uniforms are also included.  Recently acquired have been numerous uniforms worn by the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and numerous uniforms worn by the Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Army.




The entire collection is the result of Bob Nelson’s decades long pursuit of acquiring some of the best art and artifacts to tell the story of the American West and our military.  The museum is designed to show a broad spectrum of Western cultures.  Cowboy, Charro, Art, Native American and Military aspects of the west were carefully studied and needed artifacts put on a list for acquisition. The collection grew through the 1970s, 1980s and in 1998, the museum was opened to the public. Many Collections are very deep. Our collection is very wide!  Each spur, saddle, firearm and artifact was added to the collection for a purpose. Each was added to make the story more complete.  



We hope that you take a visit to the museum.  You are sure to learn something and leave with a greater appreciation of the American West, and our country’s history.  


April 20th, 2017

Now Representing Mike Barlow!



Mike was born in Gillette, Wyoming in 1963. His passion for wildlife formed early in his life as he spent his years participating in our Country’s western heritage of hunting and fishing. Mike grew up hunting on his family’s ranch and fishing at his family’s mountain cabin in the Bighorn Mountains. As a young boy, he poured over his father’s extensive collections of books on wildlife art. He especially enjoyed looking over the books on East African wildlife. At the age of 6 he began modeling in clay the animals he saw in those books. 


He dreamed of going to Africa. At the early age of 10 years old his wish came true when his family took a month long safari in Kenya.  Mike was fascinated with the animals and the Maasai people. He loved the experience and held onto those memories for a lifetime.

mike barlow biography

Mike’s first trip to Kenya, discovering an elephant femur bone

The memories from the safari to Kenya spurred his passion for more travel in his early 20’s. After one year at the Air Force Academy he spent many months traveling New Zealand, Australia, Nepal, India, Egypt, Kenya, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany. During breaks while attending college at the University of Wyoming, Mike continued his traveling. He went to Hong Kong, Nepal, India, Kenya, Hungry, USSR and China. During a college class in Russian History he traveled to the USSR extending to Finland, Norway, Sweden, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

After graduating from the University of Wyoming Mike started traveling extensively.  Over the years he filled his desire to see more of God’s creation buy journeying to many parts of the world to feed his fascination for wildlife, culture, and art.


In 1989, he made wildlife photography his first professional, artistic career. Mike covered the world photographing. He spent many early mornings searching for the ultimate wildlife encounter, and many evenings chasing the golden light. He photographed wild big game, turkey, upland & waterfowl hunting, fly fishing & bass fishing. His wildlife photographs appeared on the covers of numerous publications, most notably Sports Afield, Outdoor Life and Field & Stream. During this time Mike showed the industry his writing talents.  He coupled his photography with many published articles featuring his own wildlife experiences.  Mike’s dedication propelled him as an industry leader in wildlife photography.


His years as a professional wildlife photographer served him well and gave Mike a solid foundation for the sculpture that he is so passionate about today.

In 2000, Mike entered full-time into a career as a wildlife sculptor. Mike and his work were quickly acclaimed throughout the art community. Today his sculpture is part of collections worldwide.


From an early age, Mike immersed himself in the study of the greatest American and European sculptors such as Alexander Phimister ProctorFrançois Auguste René RodinAntoine-Louis Barye and Pierre-Jules Mêne and notable painters such as Carl RungiusBob Kuhn and John Singer SargentBeginning as a teenager, he studied the art in museums of London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg, New York, and Los Angeles.  Classic masterpieces greatly influenced Mike’s style.


Mike solidifies anatomical correctness into his sculpture, capturing the essence of his wildlife subjects. Mike has sculpted many captivating animal scenes that ultimately tell a potent story. Characteristically his dexterous surfaces magnify the true spirit of his wildlife subjects in a classical context.


Mike sculpting in his studio


Mike and his wife Tracy reside near the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley, Montana. His studio is filled with mementos from his travels. His walls are adorned with images of his family, travel and wildlife photography. He surrounds himself with books filled with classic paintings and sculpture. You will find many books on World and American history and biographies on people who shaped the world. The studio pays homage to the animals he sculpts.


Mike immerses himself in his outdoor heritage of fishing, hunting and rafting the Yellowstone River.  He enjoys reading about history and visiting museums.  Lately, he aspires to being a gentleman farmer. Mike loves his family most of all.

March 25th, 2017

Jerry Jordan in Western Art and Architecture

Congratulations to Jerry Jordan on his feature in the latest Western Art and Architecture. The article is wonderfully written by Gussie Fauntelroy, and gives great insight into Jerry Jordan's painting practice.



Click here to read his article!


Jerry Jordan in Western Art and Architecture






September 28th, 2016

Jerry Jordan at the Eiteljorg Museum

Congratulations to Jerry Jordan on his sell out show at the prestigious, Eiteljorg Museum's, Quest For The West, annual show, in Indianapolis, Indiana ! 


All four Jordan works, created for the museum's 2016 show (displayed below), sold out during the first weekend. 


Every September, The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Arthosts 50 of the nation’s biggest names in Western Art. Quest For The West opened September 9th, 2016 and concludes on October 10th, 2016. 


The Eiteljorg Museum houses one of the nation’s finest and most extensive collections of Native American art, as well as Western American paintings. The Eiteljorg collects and preserves exceptional Western art, Native American art and cultural objects. Eiteljorg Collections include: Georgia O’Keefe, N.C. Wyeth, T.C. Cannon, Andy Warhol and Charles Russel. The museum’s contemporary native arts collection is ranked among the world’s best.


Renowned programs such as The Indian Market & Festival, Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship and their renowned annual, *Quest For the West Art Show and Sale, helped cultivate a national reputation as a premier museum and cultural institution.


🏁Congratulations to Jerry Jordan and to The Eiteljorg Museum on one very exceptional and successful Quest For The West 2016.

June 15th, 2016

Kim Wiggins Featured in International Artist Magazine

Kim Wiggins is featured in the most recent International Artist magazine!  This excellent 12 page article includes fascinating information about Kim's history and his painting process.  Also included are great shots of Kim's studio and in-process paintings.

Click here to view the article.


December 29th, 2015

Roger Rossi Visiting the Old Holland Factory and Cruising on the Rhine

Manitou painter Roger Rossi recently cruised down the Rhine River with his fellow Salmagundi Club painters.  A highlight of the trip was a tour of the world famous Old Holland paint factory.  Read below to learn more about Old Holland and see pictures from Roger's tour.  We're excited to see Roger's upcoming paintings!

The history of Old Holland Classic Colours goes back to the seventeenth century, the golden age of the Dutch masters. In this era, the training of painters was organised under the guild system. The painters' guilds were called Saint Lucas Guilds, after their patron saint Lucas. Traditional knowledge and skills in the area of the manufacture of paint were passed on from generation to generation in these guilds. In the guild, the master taught the mate and the apprentice. The apprentice learned to rub the pigments with the binders, the mate learned to mix the colours and make underpaintings. Once the mate was deemed to be skilled enough, he in turn became a master, started his own studio and gained standing.

Around 1664, a Saint Lucas guild in The Hague started the preparations for the establishment of 'Pictura Brotherhood of Painters and its Academy for the Visual Arts of The Hague' (1682-1882). An association of master painters which organised art reviews and where artists drew from dressed models: the first academy. The correct manufacture of paints formed an important part of the education. The Pictura Brotherhood of Painters remained in existence until the nineteenth century.

March 24th, 2015

Tim Prythero at Albuquerque Museum

Congratulations to Manitou artist, Tim Prythero! Tim's sculpture, Starky's Trading Post, will be included in the Albuquerque Museum's exhibition, Visualizing Albuquerque.

"Starky's Trading Post reminds us of a tourist trap during the Great Depression , This tromp l' oeill sculpture does fool the viewers eye through painterly illusions of dents, rust, trash and decay. The broken screen doors, deteriorating stucco and faux artifacts in the yard remind us nothing is permanent, except our nostalgia for the past . Tim Prythero captures Albuquerque longing for better times in his detailed observations of disintegrating landmarks. He confirms that abandonment occurs at the end of a business cycle by focusing on faded memories from a seemly prosperous past."

Joseph Traugott - Curator, Albuquerque Museum

March 22nd, 2015

Bob and Charla Interviewed in Western Art and Architecture

Collector's Eye: With two galleries, two auctions, one store and a museum to run, Bob and Charla Nelson are collector's to their core.

The bright notes of a mariachi band waft down Palace Avenue, past the New Mexico Museum of Art, it's Pueblo revival style architecture a blend of Pueblo and Spanish influence and the perfect compliment to the music. You can hear the guitarron and the brass horns all the way to the historic downtown plaza, drawing seekers every First Friday to Manitou Gallery. From a second story portal on the front of one of their Santa Fe galleries, the musicians bring brightness and joy to those who come for the art.

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