November 23rd, 2015

Gallery Owner, Bob Nelson on PBS's "Arizona Collectibles"

Gallery Owners, Bob and Charla Nelson were recently invited to be appraisers on the PBS television program, "Arizona Collectibles."  

Click here to watch Bob appraise a painting from the legendary western artist, CM Russell.  The appraisal price was higher than anything I've ever seen on Arizona Collectibles (or Antiques Roadshow).  It's amazing to watch to couples' expression when they learn that their inherited painting is worth nearly 1 MILLION dollars!


Other highlights are:

Season 2, episode 7, 22:00 (Charla)

Season 2, episode 9, 20:00 (Charla)

Season 2, episode 10, 22:00 (Bob)

Season 2, episode 6, 9:00 (Bob)

March 24th, 2015

Tim Prythero at Albuquerque Museum

Congratulations to Manitou artist, Tim Prythero! Tim's sculpture, Starky's Trading Post, will be included in the Albuquerque Museum's exhibition, Visualizing Albuquerque.

"Starky's Trading Post reminds us of a tourist trap during the Great Depression , This tromp l' oeill sculpture does fool the viewers eye through painterly illusions of dents, rust, trash and decay. The broken screen doors, deteriorating stucco and faux artifacts in the yard remind us nothing is permanent, except our nostalgia for the past . Tim Prythero captures Albuquerque longing for better times in his detailed observations of disintegrating landmarks. He confirms that abandonment occurs at the end of a business cycle by focusing on faded memories from a seemly prosperous past."

Joseph Traugott - Curator, Albuquerque Museum

March 22nd, 2015

Bob and Charla Interviewed in Western Art and Architecture

Collector's Eye: With three galleries, two auctions and two museums to run, Bob and Charla Nelson are collector's to their core.

The bright notes of a mariachi band waft down Palace Avenue, past the New Mexico Museum of Art, it's Pueblo revival style architecture a blend of Pueblo and Spanish influence and the perfect compliment to the music. You can hear the guitarron and the brass horns all the way to the historic downtown plaza, drawing seekers every First Friday to Manitou Gallery. From a second story portal on the front of one of their Santa Fe galleries, the musicians bring brightness and joy to those who come for the art.

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