Charlene Reano

Charlene Reano, born 1960 in Algodones, New Mexico is best known for her Santo Domingo, mosaic style jewelry.  She has exhibited her work at Indian Market (Santa Fe), American Craft Museum (NY,NY), Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (Santa Fe), and is in permanent collections of Helen Kersting Collection, Eitjorg Museum, Barbara Sill Collection, Marsha Bailey, and Dr. Gregory & Angie Yan Schaaf.

She is represented by Indian Craft Shop, Department of Interior (Washington D.C.), Bien Mur Indian Market Center, and the Wright's Indian Art.

"Charlene attributes the style of her work to her husband's family, who is well known for their mosaics and use of a variety of materials..." Bien Mur

Charlene is recognized as one of the finest mosaic artists working today. Since the early 90s, Charlene has been winning blue ribbon for her work in Santa Fe's Indian Market. This is a highly prestigious award presented for the best contemporary jewelry art.

She says of her work, "My inspiration stems from the jewelry worn during traditional dances. I take pride in my work and strive to continue to grow in my designs and within my own spirit."