Darryl Edwards

Darryl Edwards was born in Los Angeles, but was raised in Utah from his high school years onward.  His artistic talents developed under the tutelage of artists steeped in academic fundamentals.  He studied art at Bringham Young University and then apprenticed with Trevor Southey in figurative painting.  He settled in Arizona after eighteen years in San Francisco where he received a Masters at the Academy of Art College.

Although recognized today primarily as a designer and creator of unique jewelry, Edwards started out as a painter and printmaker. It was suffering a serious illness, which kept Edwards bedridden, that turned him onto the avenue of jewelry for creative expression.  He considers himself to be an abstract expressionist;  viewing his jewelry as being modern, but heavily influenced by the work of Charles Loloma.

In creating his jewelry, Edwards uses silver or gold combined with turquoise, coral, fosslized ivory, lapis, and precious stones such as diamonds.  He works closely with the stonecutter on many pieces.  He also cuts and polishes his own stones, saying that he enjoys this part of the process more than any other aspect. "When I cut into a stone and its center is revealed, I realize that it has never before seen by human eyes.  It may be millions of years old and there it is, in my hands.  That's a very special experience." He hopes that people see the millions of years of "force" that go into the ring or bracelet on their wrist.