Gigi Mitchell

Gigi Mitchell grew up on small ranch in southern California. She started riding horses at the age of 6 and by the time she was 9, she was actively showing Quarter horses on a regular basis. During this time Gigi used her natural artistic talents as way of relieving the stress of constant practice. In the 1970`s Gigi first job was in, what was at the time, the largest tack store in southern California. It was here that she first learned leatherwork, and was kept busy doing repairs on saddled, bridles, and just about any other piece of horse equipment that came through the door. It was during this time she developed a love for the fine silverwork that adorned all western show tack.

In 1982 Gigi started her jewelry career while attending California State University at Long Beach. Although she was not an art major, she found that this was just the creative outlet needed while working towards her degree in cultural anthropology. Specializing in Native American cultures, and being of Spanish heritage, she soon found design elements from both cultures reflecting in her jewelry. After graduation in 1986, most of what she has learned has been self taught.

Today, Gigi's unique style is one of a blend of traditional Spanish designs, mixed with the Native American designs that are so prevalent in her family`s ancestral home in central New Mexico. As you view each piece, elements from each culture becomes apparent. From filigree in each piece becomes a completely unique work of wearable art.

Gigi has exhibited her jewelry at western art shows in several of the western states. She has been an award winner at such shows at the Pasadena American Indian and Western Relic Show and Palm Springs Villagefest, the 2007 winner of the Contemporary Hispanic Market for the " Best of Fine Craft" award and the Traditional Spanish Market in 2013. Currently awarded the "Best of Western Arts" 2016 at the Tesoro Cultural Center 1830's Rendezvous and Spanish Colonial Market in Morrison (Red Rock), CO. 

Today Gigi resides in Santa Fe, NM where she continues to be inspired by the history, the wildlife and the natural energy that permeate the land in the northern mountains of the area.