Studio GL & Andrew Valdez

GL Miller / Studio GL

G.L. Miller was born in Tucson, Arizona.  Living in numerous areas throughout the United States and exploring historical and cultural ideas at each locale, his family then settled in Albuquerque in 1963.  G.L. refined his design expression by attending the University of Albuquerque and the University of New Mexico majoring in both commercial and fine arts.  His varied work experience as an art director for an advertising agency, commercial photographer and his passion for Southwestern culture, give merit to his knowledge and expertise.  His major interest lies in creating jewelry influenced by ethnic American Indian design and western geometric patterns.  G.L. constantly explores new avenues to utilize his talents and ideas.

Andrew Valdez
Andrew is a native of Arizona. He is a self taught artist specializing in wax carving design since the age of twelve. He has developed his technique  and attention to detail so finely, he is one of the most sought after master wax carvers for today's most prolific artists.  A legendary artist in his own right, Palace Jewelers is honored to represent Andrew and will bring you more of his designs as he works on his personal designs.